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It has excellent logic and well-thought functionality. It is intuitive and it provides a comprehensive understanding of your product or service. Its main goal is sparkling the clients’ interest and leading them to a purchase and that’s what it does with flying colors!

For the creation of websites we use ready-made blocks that adjust to solving various tasks in a speedy and seamless fashion. SMARTi team is there to pick a solution that would best meet your objectives and look equally great on desktops and on mobile devices. You will have a modern website with all essential features for attracting clients via digital marketing.

Each project is handled by an individual manager and a personal designer. You will be able to keep track of the development process without the need to abstract yourself from your main business.  

In just 2-3 weeks’ time you will get high quality result that will unfailingly meet your expectations!

Your website reflects your individuality

SMARTi unique technology has been developed thanks to our 14 years’ experience in website development. Throughout this period we have been working with various industries, so we realize that each business has its specifics. SMARTiis able to come up not only with tested one-box solutions, but a wide range of specific features, that will come handy for companies operating in the retail industry, real estate, logistics, construction and many other niches.

Special marketing modules will be incorporated into each website, enabling further effective search engine optimization and promotion on social networks and other platforms.

Enjoy easy and fast editing of your website at any time

One of the main questions often asked by clients is whether they can personally edit or update the content on their website. The answer is “absolutely”! Before the launch we will teach you how to maintain your website, edit content and add new sections without our help, however if you wish you realize a new idea
we will always be there, to help you!

Your website will never get outdated

Free background updates that all our clients receive after launching the websites are one of SMARTi essential advantages. As a rule, these are system upgrades, modern features, new solutions concerning design and functionality.

In other words, after the launch of your website we do not cease working on it, improving and developing it in the background.
Presently, this offer is exclusive in the market.

In addition, you won’t have to think about hosting, backups and other technical matters. We will take care of it all!

What can your website do?

Main functions and features by default:

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