What is SMARTi?

SMARTi - is our secret product, allowing us to speedily create high quality websites and essentially save our clients’ time and money

The SMARTi technology has been created in our web studio Amparo.
It’s been 14 years since our team started working on the creation of websites of various levels of complexity for local and international clients. Our portfolio includes more than 200 successful projects globally.

Yes, we know pretty well how to create complex websites, but what about those who need a small landing page for a particular project or who want to launch a web store as fast as possible? 

SMARTi has been developed for such cases

We put our best practices into  SMARTi as well as the vision of effective development of simple websites and web stores with a quick turnaround and a limited budget.

Affordability • speed • quality

Sounds trivial? Yes.
Nevertheless, few providers will actually offer you this. SMARTi makes it possible! So what’s our secret?



We have optimized the process in a way to exclude programmers’, front end developers’, art directors’ and many other high end professionals’ costs from your cost sheet. Meanwhile, they have already created everything that you will enjoy on your website and be able to use in future.



The demo version of your website will be ready to go in less than 1-2 weeks! How is that possible? We don’t have to do programming and front end development; we don’t have to draw prototypes and design samples for all pages of your website; we don’t have to develop a responsive version and much more. All the standard and essentially routine work is already completed, so only the important part is left, namely working out your website’s structure, design and content…

Top quality

Top quality assumes not only achieving the desired result, but also continuous support after the successful launch. SMARTi’s main bonus is that even after the launch your website will keep receiving from us new functionality, up-to-date “perks” and essential updates in the background and all for free.

You won’t have to pay for updates or develop certain features from scratch, because your website will never go out of date.

At present we do not know a single developer or a system that would offer anything similar.

Our specialists are ready to provide you a free consultation on your new website or online shop.

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