A unique technology of website development  

A smart website for your business!

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A unique technology of website development 

A smart website for your business!

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Turning hard into easy

Being engaged in website development for more than 14 years and facing all kind of challenges we finally came up with SMARTi - a unique technology of website development, which enables us to create nice and robus web sites and web stores for our clients quickly and reasonably.

A well-thought website = <br>an attractive website

A well-thought website =
an attractive website

We opt for smart and effective solutions that always look modern, simple and highly attractive!.

Your website<br> is at your fingertips

Your website
is at your fingertips

All editing is done through CMS and that is fairly easy indeed!

Google will love your website<br> at its launch!

Google will love your website
at its launch!

Everything is considered for Google! The website is ready to compete for the first rankings.

You’ll have our support at all times!

You’ll have our support at all times!

The most personalized web support you have ever experienced. You’re sure to appreciate it!

Your new web store
can be launched
in less than 3 weeks

Web stores are our strong suit. We have made dozens of pages for online shopping outlets in various industries, from children’s furniture to food retailers, all of which successfully achieve their main goal - selling!
We have tested solutions, which have proven effective on both local and global markets.

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Want to make sure
SMARTi is what you need?

If you have answered «Yes» to 3 or more statements, than you definitely need SMARTi!

Contact us
  • You wish to create a web store, a landing page or a small web site.
  • The web page should be launched in less than 2-3 weeks.
  • You are on a budget and not ready to catch up on the web page for months.
  • You wish to keep track of the development process, but you are not ready to deflect attention from your main business for continuous discussions of the vision.
  • You attempted to make the page on your own, but the result didn’t make you happy.

Why clients choose SMARTi

We work with small and medium businesses. Every website is a story that a client wants to share with buyers, while we are the producers of these stories. Our clients include real estate projects, manufacturers of designer furniture, food stores and many others. Check out these stories or have a look at SMARTi testimonials!

Fresh works

By the way, this site has also been developed through SMARTi. Its development took us 2 weeks. 

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